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I have a Family.

If you are married with young children, and you suddenly pass away with no estate plan in place, your assets would be distributed according to a set of rules set up by law. The problem with such rules is that they are most likely not according to your wishes. In Singapore for example, if you have children and pass away without a Will, your parents inherit nothing when they have a great need to be maintained.

A Will will allow you distribute to the beneficiaries according to your wishes. A Trust will allow you to distribute your assets over a period of time, when your beneficiaries (young children or elderly parents) are not capable of handling large sums of money.

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I have a Business.

Your business needs estate planning too. Say you own a business with two other partners, and you suddenly pass away. You will want to have your shares sold at a good price to your surviving partners, with the proceeds given to your family. If you did not put in place an estate plan for your business then your family and your partners will find it difficult to agree on a price for your shares. That’s because your family will want to sell at a higher price while your partners will want to buy at a lower price.

A Buy-Sell Agreement is effectively a will for a business. You and your partners can agree today what price your shares should be bought and sold at if you or the other partners suddenly leave the business. Such an agreement would also specify how the funds are provided for the buying and selling, such as through life insurance and savings.

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